B1Q64 is the world where Blinx: The Time Sweeper takes place. Referred to only by its number rather than a colloquial name like most others, World B1Q64 is home to a variety of civilizations and environments. The inhabitants of B1Q64 are humanlike beings.

Its notability stems from the World B1Q64 incident, in which the Tom Tom Gang stole time energy in such massive quantities that time monsters grew uncontrollably, leading the Time Factory to predict that they would eventually explode and destroy the world. A resident of the world, Princess Lena, was also captured by the Tom Tom Gang, whom Blinx saw and entered the world to save, which he did successfully. In addition to being littered with time monsters, World B1Q64 was filled with pig-faced traps and barriers likely left by the Tom Toms.



Last updated on 14 Jan 2023