In 2016, I had found some online Blinx articles that I wanted to save somewhere for future reference. So I looked at the typical places where I could add them to.

The Blinx Wikia was a decent source of information but it wasn't suitable for other types of content like article listings. The few Blinx dedicated fansites that did exist were completely abandoned, and it wasn't like I could add the content myself.

I realised that there simply wasn't a website that

  1. was suitable for all kinds of Blinx information and content
  2. was active and had regular updates and
  3. allowed me to easily add whatever Blinx findings I had obsessively researched about.

Thus, the Blinx The Time Sweeper Fansite was born.

Since that time, the fansite has grown into a comprehensive hub for everything related to Blinx the Time Sweeper. Not just for information on the series, but also galleries with the high quality images, fan content across the web and downloads for Blinx files and resources.

Here is where you can learn about the lesser-known character lore, download the official guidebooks and read a detailed explanation on the status of the Blinx trademark and IP. My research and documentation have also been supported by the many contributions of the Blinx community: the entire script for both games, ripped textures and even the official Blinx model were thanks to my fellow time sweeping fans.

The fansite has become central to keeping the spirit of the time-controlling, trash-sweeping cat alive. Beyond keeping an archive, I hope to share my dedication to Blinx the Time Sweeper with other fans and the wider video game community.

This website was built by NipChip and notna888.