Hourglass Caves, also known as Quartz Mall, is an area of World B1Q64 and Round 3 in Blinx: The Time Sweeper.


As the largest limestone cave in World B1Q64, the Hourglass Caves is a spacious area with natural light leaking in from openings above, which shifts in ways such that it appears to be on the ocean floor. Sand continuously flows throughout as if it was water, though navigation is made possible by naturally formed stone bridges. Additional lighting is provided by bioluminescent plant life interspersed throughout.

Description from Cool Masters Guide Book

This world's largest limestone cave, where sand flows like water. Because of the gently shifting light, it looks as if it was on the ocean floor. The natural light makes it shine beautifully.


Time Monsters

  • Chronoblobs
  • Dust Herders
  • Keroppers
  • Molegons
  • Octoballoons
  • Spikers


  • Molesaur

BG Music


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