Mine of Precious Moments, also known as Tomorrow Valley, is an area of World B1Q64 and Round 6 in Blinx: The Time Sweeper.


The Mine of Precious Moments was once the highest altitude mine in World B1Q64, but it was abandoned after being exhausted of all its ore. Although numbered minecart tracks run throughout much of the area, one must navigate much of the mine on foot, which produces the risk of falling into many pits, the bottoms of which are not visible from the top. During the World B1Q64 incident, the distortions in time resulted in the minecarts running of their own accord. Despite being a mine, much of the area is open to the sky, and rain fell as Blinx traversed the mine.

Description from Cool Masters Guide Book

This is the world's highest altitude mine. The mine that was abandoned after all the ore was dug out has become a bizarre place where unmanned carts run due to distortions in time.


Time Monsters
  • Chronoblobs
  • Combustasaurs
  • Dust Herders
  • Gatekeepers
  • Molegons
  • Octoballoons
  • Spikers
  • Kerogon II

BG Music


  • This round is one of two stages that doesn't introduce a new boss, the other being the Forge of Hours.


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