Ugo is Benito's right hand man along with Cino, making his debut appearance in Blinx: The Time Sweeper. In Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, he is one of the many characters who assists the player with assignments, often informing them about puzzles, enemies, and objectives.


Ugo is a husky male anthropomorphic pig with Caucasian skin and a large brown mustache on the sides of his snout. He wears a green helmet, red sunglasses, a red-and-white striped muscle shirt, dark blue pants, and tan gloves and boots.


Ugo is essentially the opposite of Cino, being more intrepid, uncivil, and excitable. He is usually the one to suggest the player to perform the more "violent" actions during missions. In MOTAS, it is shown that he harbors a fixation for explosions.


Ugo is a highly-ranked Tom Tom, often interacting directly with Benito alongside Cino. His role in the Tom Tom Gang is primarily comprised of providing communication between Benito and other Tom Toms, alerting the former of important information uncovered by the latter or directing Tom Toms based on others' input.

His role strongly overlaps with that of Cino, though Ugo on the Benito Battleship he seldom mentions technical matters in any capacity despite occasional demonstrations of a certain understanding of them, such as the considering mechanics of sending pigs to other worlds and performing energy calculations involved in doing so. Ugo appears to function as a check of sorts on some of Benito's more immature tendencies, attempting to convince him against acting on impulses such as leaving for World A000 alone or (in cut content) demanding that a Tom Tom returning from a mission stops to steal another artifact that caught his attention. He has also done field work, however, having left a flamethrower in the Pirates' Graveyard while looking for weapons there, and he was present alongside Cino, Matteo, and Benito when the Big Crystal was destroyed at the beginning of the Big Crystal incident.

As Cino does, Ugo also frequently communicates with Tom Toms during missions, usually aiding in addressing threats such as Sweeper patrols. His suggestions, however, tend to favour violence and destruction much more than Cino's. As is the case with Cino, Ugo was aboard the Benito Battleship when it fled the Tom Tom HQ as Time Sweepers invaded.

Name Meaning

A masculine, Italian form of Hugh. Ugo is also the name of an old province of Japan in the area of the Akita Prefecture and some parts of the Yamagata Prefecture. It was sometimes called Ushū (羽州?), with Uzen Province.


  • "The cannon again?! Why not! Fire! Shoot! Crumble!"
  • "Keep your fancy science to yourself!"
  • "Nothing is impossible for a time thief! Tee hee hee!"
  • "Umm... because we put a lid on the time kink, the energy has leaked underground."
  • "Just calm down and take it slow! But do it fast!"


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