The Blinx keychains are plastic miniature models of Blinx characters that can be attached to a keychain clip.

The most common set contains keychains of Blinx wielding his vacuum, a chronoblob and a title tag. How it was distributed is unknown.

The keychain of Blinx doing a thumbs-up was distributed at the Xbox Café in 2002. Photos of the keychain from different source differ in paint colours. A Blinx clear file folder and the Xbox-ism TS 2002 book were also avaliable for purchase at this cafe.

The origin of the Blinx doing a peace sign keychain is currently unknown but its characteristics point it to also being distributed at the Xbox cafe.


Blinx wielding his TS-1000 and Chronoblob

Blinx doing a thumbs-up

Blinx doing a peace sign

Last updated on 14 Jan 2023