The Time Oil Well World is a location and Round 5 in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space.


Among the more technologically advanced worlds is the Time Oil Well World, filled with machinery handling molten metal and oil. The majority of this machinery is outdoors, built on rock, though some small areas have been closed off by the inhabitants.

In addition to the world's machinery being sufficiently automated to operate in the absence of its creators due to their disappearance following the disruption of time (assuming that the same disruption in time during the Big Crystal incident didn't cause the machinery to work autonomously as in World B1Q64), other signs of the technology being particularly well-engineered and advanced include safety features such as safety valves in piping or other creations such as a VTOL jet capable of space travel to the nearby planet, Two Falls, likely named for the stark contrast between its day and night skies. This planet is still a part of the same world. Not a part of the same world is the Outside In World, which is close enough for a disturbance in the Time Oil Well World to result in readings in the Outside In World, though the details of this non-spatial “closeness” are unclear.


  • Spiker
  • Skeleton Rock
  • Basabasatto ("Flap Flap Bird")
  • "Demon Monster"

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