​The Time Factory, established by the Goddesses over 25 billion years prior to the Big Crystal incident during the creation of the universe (according to cut content) and known as formally as “Time Factory, Inc.”, produces time and subsequently delivers it to the universe's many worlds. As the Goddesses also spin, measure, and cut time, it's unclear what role the Time Factory has in the actual creation of time, though it is solely responsible for its distribution and correction when glitches occur in a world.

It is inhabited entirely by felines known as the Time Sweepers; whose civilization appears to be among the most technologically advanced and rivalled only by the pigs of the Tom Tom Gang.


The factory is staffed by a variety of workers in various positions, including those working in the control room (such as the supervisors, Operator, and CEO), the technician, shopkeepers, trainers, and most famously, the Time Sweepers. Some of these positions, such as the CEO, are primarily managerial and involve little direct interaction with the production or maintenance of time, while some others such as the technician involve working with machinery and others still take the form of fieldwork, such as the Time Sweepers. Each worker is given an employee ID card including their photo, position, and ID number (e.g. Blinx’s ID is 01712). As in most workplaces, many of these roles are interdependent, with Time Sweepers relying upon the guidance of supervisors and the Operator, the goods handled by shopkeepers, and the training given by instructors.

The Time Factory's walkway

​The Time Factory, being vast in size and function, has a great many areas devoted to distinct purposes. A massive corridor is used for transportation, for example, with Time Sweepers travelling along a moving walkway lined with screens relaying information and doors to warp rooms for different worlds. Other workers may instead be transported through the air in this area by flying vehicles. The warp rooms accessed from this corridor contain gates to their respective worlds, which Time Sweepers may enter from above from a raised platform. They will then emerge from a “START” gate similar in appearance in the target world and may later leave through yet another similar gate labelled “GOAL.”

Upon returning from the world, they emerge from the same gate in the warp room and land on the same platform. A large clock with adjacent lights is also visible in each of these rooms, connected to the Mother Computer in some fashion (which is capable of relaying information via speech and sounding alarms while flashing its lights), though said clock strangely ticks just over twice per second and has only four “hours.” This room is also kept sufficiently cold for an individual's breath to be visible, though the purpose for this is unclear. While Sweepers are in these worlds, they are monitored by supervisors in the control room, pictured above, from which live video of the Time Sweepers can be seen and reactive time controls can be activated in emergencies.

The Control Room

The factory also contains many accommodations for its staff of varying levels of necessity. Food, clothing, and laundry service can be purchased at the Time Factory shop along with equipment and upgrades more immediately relevant to one's job, for example. Available food seems to be primarily the Time Factory's own generic brand, however. Furthermore, a theatre is available for use and Time Sweepers are given locker space in which they can keep certain belongings (such as purchased food, time sweeper upgrades, sweepers, or clothing).

On a small number of occasions, the Time Factory has been compromised by being broke into, stolen from, or disabled in its function. The invasion of Tom Tom imposters at the beginning of the Big Crystal incident destroyed much of the factory's main corridor and shut down the Mother Computer, and repairs were not complete until the crisis had ended. During that period of time, Tom Toms had also infiltrated the Time Factory twice, stealing on both occasions (with the Tom Tom Protagonist being the one to carry out the actual theft in both cases).


The following is a list of the most prominent Time Sweeper occupations.

  • C.E.O. - Short for Chief Executive Officer. CEO is the leader of the Time Sweepers. He is seen working with Operator, Third Administer and supervisors monitoring worlds for disturbances to the flow in time. In MOTAS he is responsible for giving out direct orders to all Time Sweepers via transmission.
  • Operator - The Operator is a supervisor at the Time Factory that handles a number of tasks related to communicating with and dispatching Time Sweepers in other worlds. Like CEO, he gives out orders to all Time Sweepers via transmission.
  • Supervisors - Each supervisor watches over a world for time glitches and anomalies. They guide Time Sweepers much like the Operator guides Furball in MOTAS.
  • Time Sweepers - The primary force of the Time Factory. Equipped with a sweeper, they are sent to various worlds to clean up time crystals and remove time monsters to ensure normal time flow. They have the ability to control time and shoot trash with their sweeper.
  • Guard Sweepers - Assigned to protect areas (often guarding technology) from Tom Toms. Their main weapon is the PiG-38 and TON16A but can use other weapons like Mines and the FP-40 Flame. There are two types, the basic in blue and the armoured in orange and black (equiped with a shield).
  • Shopkeeper - Runs the shop where weapons, items, upgrades and clothing can be bought. They are conduct the rank up exams, offer challenges and organise recruit members. Catherine is the shopkeeper in TTS who is then replaced by Jimmy in MOTAS.
  • Retrievers - Responsible for collecting the Big Crystal fragments in MOTAS and retriving items of importance to take back to the Time Factory rather than remained stored in a sweeper.


  • Blinx was born in the Time Factory.


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