Half and Half World is a location and Round 1 in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space.


As its name suggests, the Half and Half World is comprised of islands, each with two opposing halves. The two halves are separated along a single line, with one half experiencing daytime while the other simultaneously experiences night-time. This results in the sky being divided into day and night halves with an abrupt cut-off in-between. The moon in the night portion, for reasons unknown, bears an almost exact resemblance to that of World B1Q64.

This world was the TS protagonist's first destination during the Big Crystal incident, where he acquired a Big Crystal fragment from the Stone Guardian on Weis Island. He reached Weis Island by arriving on yet another island, locating an electric helicopter, and then retrieving batteries from the island's night portion. Weis Island was also the site of the TT protagonist's team ambushing the Retrieval Team shortly after the TS protagonist's departure, stealing the Big Crystal fragment.

The presence of many structures, as well as entire towns in the case of Weis island, suggest that the world is or was inhabited, as does the technology present in automated doors, street lamps, and electric helicopters. The existence of a lighthouse also suggests the inhabitants having frequently travelled by water.


Time Monsters
  • Spiker
  • Kerofish
  • Octoballoon
  • Stone Guardian

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