Below are three transcripts/translations of the cutscenes from Blinx: The Time Sweeper. Since they're all done by different people, there will be differences.

Introduction transcribed by ​Sir Timdragon

​Lēss'tam̈ tiēknē'sh-shermenstaf.
Time is like a treasure.

Use each gem of it wisely,

hen'stak odrendsdru matis.
and your dreams will come true.

Nēkelgēlam̈ factomnolēss'ta.
This is the time factory.

Mavsēknolēss'tam̈ ble’ēvmana’ebēmotak.
We make time and deliver it to different worlds.

Mavsēknolēss’tam̈ gē mē na trēmosatkit mēlēnamebēvodaklēss’tam̈ gēnēvēheaar-
Something the announcement says.

Shēknamahem̈, magēn, Blēnx.
This is me, Blinx.

Sablēnnafēsdankis wherrdembruuknislēss'tam̈ ovewheambē.
Each supervisor watcher over a world, making sure there aren't glitches in time.

Wherrbamēslēss'tam̈ nēdasscraousnublink. Hengassouk cshulastok.
When glitches occur, they become time crystals. After a while time crystals become monster.

Ma'sēknalēss'tam̈ verēfmana’effvvevodak!
It's our job to clean them up before they do!

Crowdcat one.
Esē no’ē?
Crowdcat two questioning?
Oē’esē no’ēa.
Crowdcat one answers.
Crowdcat two says sadly.

Nēkelzidam̈ factomnolēss’tam̈ ginilastakismazignalēss’tam̈.
Something the announcement says.

An emergency announcement from management!

Dankēbleknē Tom-Tom nekta, embē sēkgēbac!
The Tom-Tom Gang of time bandits has invaded world B1Q64!

Liss'tam̈’mavsēkengēvgigalout embenshamnilēss'tam̈ niracwak!
They've broken the time we delivered and are stealing the resulting time crystals!

Tom-Tom nam̈ gang pamolaunnēbaltnimag nisstolpni malnem̈.
The Tom-Tom gang profits by selling time to other worlds.

Brennēlēss'tam̈ mavēbrenhodak.
But the number of crystals they've stolen is off the charts!

Gravnē hokhaknē surrastok.
Some of the crystals have already turned into monsters!

Iēvamnemkēmas tak.
We need your help as quickly as possible!

Yeefo bēstak factomo! Liss nē bletem be nem be se-
You time factory clods! We have captured the princess of world-

Listem eloē qutēm!
Don't let them get away with this!

Steap! Eēgonsurg leainlēss'tam̈ temdeialnek puvisni.
Shut up! Your world's all out of time baby!

Ehh bousak! Lēss'tam̈ ni’elin! Scraousni surrastok!
Boss! The time crystals! They have become monsters!

What the-

Heisamblablahalmeanial Dencoratem̈:
Alert from Mother Computer:

Walshoshinidem̈ besēkgēbac.
Danger level exceeded in world B1Q64.

Gē’armaihamanihurastakmem̈ crora sten. Cora firacolousgē.
The time monsters are absorbing more energy. They are going to explode and destroy the world.

Watickencuramemgē. Lemdaiskden houlden besēkgēbac.
We must protect the other worlds. B1Q64 will be cut off from the Time Factory.

Nēlanksoloun freferalēss.
Its supply of time will be forever frozen.

Tenmalbats, sirenblak besēkgēbac solevoē!
All employees stationed in world B1Q64 exit immediately!

Blēnx! Vēs safcof! Em besēkgē[bac]- Bwaks!
Blinx! What do you think you're doing? World B1Q64 is done for - forget it!

(Blinx jumps into the portal)


  • It is a Fusional Oligosynthetic language; a semi-legit conlang a real linguist took time to make.
    • For those not aware of that think of those really long words that are from other languages like Inuit. That's what it is like. Sosometimesthingscan lookabitweird, butifyou understanditalittle thenyoucangetit.
  • I think as a product of the culture, a lot of discussion seems to be about time/pertaining to time. What did I expect though, honestly, they are TIME sweepers after all.
  • The language they speak in the game is a bit alien, but so is their number system. They use a base 64 counting system: 1 is {long e}, 64 is {eek}.

Game script by knuckles_sonic8

View the script on GameFAQs

Translation of the Blinx Language by Rohan Zener

Original source from a comment by Rohan Zener on OldClassicGamer's channel discussion page.

In Blinx: The Time Sweeper, the characters speak a unique and unnamed language that seems to function as a common tongue within the Time Factory. The Tom Tom Gang seem to speak either a different language or a variant of the Time Factory language. The language is absent in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, with all dialogue being rendered in English instead of this language.​

The language is isolating (as spoken clearly by a narrating Blinx, and some others in cutscenes). It also seems to have a SVO-default word order (subject-verb-object, the same as English), as well as a "past-future" orientation with clauses. In addition, the language seems fairly analytic and context-sensitive. All bound morphemes listed here are derivational; the language has no inflection.

The following words can be isolated:

  • "mav" = we/us
  • "ma" = my/our
  • "reystam" = time
  • "wertham" = glitch/fault
  • "faktam" = assembly
  • "lastokh" = monster/fear
  • "lastakh" = wisdom
  • "-iss" = with
  • "signa" = work
  • "siram" = visit
  • "la-" = [empirical prefix]
  • "sigram" = see/look
  • "straksam" = farewell
  • "hen" = it
  • "heñ" = here
  • "no" = of
  • "stakh" = goodness
  • "a" = at/to/in
  • "stokh" = grief
  • "motakh" = universe/world
  • "geem" = name/being/person
  • "täreyv" = trade
  • "fereyv" = sweep
  • "reyv" = move
  • "stam" = stand/remain
  • "epi" = different
  • "thik" = similar
  • "lätik" = [negative article]
  • "-'n" = [successive sequential suffix]
  • "efi" = out
  • "mana" = [previous object auxiliary]
  • "Beess-Ix-Keuv-Nee-Maks" = "B1Q64"
  • "Brinks" = "Blinx"

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