The Tom Tom Protagonist, leader of the team chosen to fight at World A000 is a Tom Tom that greatly contributed to the Tom Tom Gang's collection of Big Crystal fragments during the Big Crystal incident. He acquired four Big Crystal fragments for the Tom Toms throughout the incident, two of which were stolen from the Time Sweepers.

This character will be referred to as Squealer for the rest of this page. (See section Character Creation below for more information.)

Character Creation

Contrary to first impressions, Auto Select and Custom Select does not provide a completely random generator, rather ten Tom Toms with their own unique names are used as a base for your character. Each of the ten pigs have a set body build and skin colour.

In Custom Select, four characters are displayed at a time which can be shuffled with the X button. When you shuffle the set, you're seeing the same ten pigs in different uniforms. (The uniforms also come from a default set.)

The following is a list of the ten default Tom Tom names:

  • Bombay
  • Fatback
  • Griffin
  • Junior
  • Moose
  • Raffy
  • Razor
  • Rocket
  • Squealer (the set name in the demo, hence the name used here)
  • Twist

The player chooses a pig to which they can then fully customise. You can customise the colours and patterns of his uniform as well as the body type, including head, body and limbs. After deciding the name (the default pig you chose will determine the default name provided), team emblem, team flag, team name; the player chooses a set of four Tom Toms which can be shuffled. Team members are predetermined ranked members and are automatically added to the Hall of Fame.

In Auto Select, it's basically the ten default pigs except the body build is completely randomised. The head changes less frequently than everything else because it shuffles through the ten heads of the default pigs. The shuffling stops by pressing the A button or leaving it for a certain period of time.

Squealer's appearance, name, team uniform and team details can be changed later in the Locker Room.


Despite his exceptional stealth abilities (aided by the Tom Tom Gang's space controls), Squealer has a rather reckless demeanour and exercises little caution on most missions, loudly expressing his dismay at being given used cans of paint by Carlos during his first invasion of the Time Factory and riding a tank off of a sheer cliff in the Pirates' Graveyard. Similarly, he expresses no concern over the Time Sweepers' warnings of the end of the world, stating that only the impending reward interests him.


In addition to acquiring Big Crystal fragments, Squealer stole a variety of other implements that aided the Tom Toms throughout the Big Crystal incident, including Time Sweeper technology necessary to produce the Tom Tom Radar to search for Big Crystal fragments, the time control neutralizer kept in the Destiny Ruins (subsequently mass produced for all Tom Toms), a tank left in the Pirates' Graveyard (used to retrieve a Big Crystal fragment and later given to other Tom Toms as well), and the Flight Stone on Sky Island (used to upgrade the Benito Battleship and allow for an escape when Time Sweepers invaded the Tom Tom HQ).

As such, Squealer's team was considered to be the Tom Tom Gang's "very best pigs" by the Big Crystal incident's end, leading to Squealer being sent to World A000 with the Tom Toms' four Big Crystal fragments and a multi-lock-on system, which he gave to Duke to enable his defeat of the Scissor Demon.


  • “Whoa, too high up!”
  • “This should do it.”
  • “He he he he! Yes!!”
  • “Okay, everybody! Push!”
  • “Ready, set… go!”
  • “Thanks, guys!”
  • “Our four Big Crystal fragments are resonating!”
  • “Hey Sweeper! Use this.”
  • “It's a Multi-Lock-on System. You can lock-on and fire everyone's weapons with it.”


Last updated on 05 Mar 2023