The Time Sweeper Protagonist (fanon reference) is the customisable protagonist for the Time Sweeper segments in Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space.

This character will be referred to as "Duke" for the rest of this page. (See section Character Creation below for more information.)

Character Creation

Contrary to first impressions, the options 'Auto Select' and 'Custom Select' do not provide a completely random generator, rather ten Time Sweepers with their own unique names are used as a base for your character. Each of the ten cats have a set body build, fur type, fur colour and eye colour.

In Custom Select, four characters are displayed at a time which can be shuffled with the X button. When you shuffle the set, you're seeing the same ten cats in different uniforms. (The uniforms also come from a default set.)

The following is a list of the ten default Time Sweeper names:

  • Arch
  • Bandit
  • Big Cat
  • Boomer
  • Duke (the set name in the demo, hence the name used here)
  • Furball
  • Stick
  • Tama
  • Tango
  • Twitch

The player chooses a cat to which they can then fully customise. You can customise the colours and patterns of his uniform as well as the body type, including head, body, limbs and tail. After deciding the name (the default cat you chose will determine the default name provided), team emblem, team flag, team name; the player chooses a set of four time sweepers which can be shuffled. Team members are ranked NPCs and are automatically added to the Hall of Fame.

In Auto Select, it's basically the ten default cats except the body build is completely randomised. The head changes less frequently than everything else because it shuffles through the ten heads of the default cats. The shuffling stops by pressing the A button or leaving it for a certain period of time.

Duke's appearance, name, team uniform and team details can be changed later in the Locker Room.


He displays a strong degree of confidence in his work, showing no concern throughout the Big Crystal incident aside from displeasure at Mick's capture by Tom Toms and Benito's escape during his rescue of other Sweepers captured at the Tom Tom HQ (both of which he managed alone). In the Time Oil Well World, however, he shows a degree of selfishness in leaving an exasperated Picaro to battle multiple Tom Toms with time barriers in favour of pursuing the final Big Crystal fragment (notably mispronouncing Picaro's name in addressing him).


Duke, the leader of the team determined the most worthy of being sent to World A000, is a Time Sweeper that contributed greatly to the success of the Time Factory in managing the Big Crystal incident. Although all members of his team receive a medal following the battle in World A000, he received some level of apparent recognition prior, being sent on the most significant missions of the Big Crystal incident and at one point being described as "a Sweeper ace" by Ugo (in cut dialogue).

With the aid of the rest of his team, he acquired four Big Crystal fragments during the Big Crystal incident, including:

  1. Acquired from Stone Guardian on Weis Island in the Half and Half world (later stolen).
  2. Acquired from Giant Mandrake in the Coliseum in the Destiny Ruins.
  3. Acquired from Giant Benito at the Flying Castle in the Sky World.
  4. Acquired from Silver Claw on Planet Two Falls in the Time Oil Well World.

Duke undertook additional missions, rescuing a Sweeper (Mick) captured by Tom Toms at the Pirates' Graveyard, rescuing Sweepers captured at the Tom Tom HQ during an attempted invasion, and capturing Tom Toms to be brought to the Time Factory for questioning at the Pirates' Graveyard.

While at World A000, Duke and his team fought the Scissor Demon along with a large number of smaller time monsters but was unable to defeat the monster himself. Upon receiving the rest of the Big Crystal fragments and a multi-lock-on system from Squealer, however, whose team arrived in World A000 after Duke had failed to defeat the monster with only four fragments, Duke's team was able to destroy the Scissor Demon by firing all eight fragments at it simultaneously.


  • “Roger! I'm on it. Here we go again.”
  • “Thanks, guys! I don't think I could haul that thing around that this around in my sweeper.”
  • “Come in, Operator! Mick has been captured by the Tom Toms. I'm going to rescue him.”
  • “What is Benito planning to do with the Big Crystal?”
  • “Take this bunch to the Factory and get them to tell you what Benito is trying to do. It shouldn't be hard. Just promise them food.”
  • “It's okay. We'll get him next time. Now let's go!”
  • “Hey Picaro! Good timing! Can you finish off the Tom Toms while I fly this thing?”
  • “Shoot! The bombs don't work! / We don't have all of the fragments yet… / But we have to use the Big Crystal now! / Go!”
  • “The Tom Tom Gang? What are they doing here?”
  • “What are you guys up to?”


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