Princess Lena is the princess of a world known only as B1Q64, appearing in Blinx: The Time Sweeper. When the Tom Tom Gang invade this world and disrupt the time flow there by stealing Time Crystals, they also kidnap Princess Lena in the process. Upon seeing the princess, Blinx immediately falls in love with her, and thus becomes determined to enter the seemingly-doomed world to rescue her and restore the world's time flow to it's natural state.


Lena is a Caucasian female girl with green eyes and long blonde hair tied into two large plaited locks. Her outfit consists of a white camisole gown, cropped balloon white pants and a pair of slippers. Her dress and her shoes are all adorned with a pink bow.


Princess Lena is an inhabitant of World B1Q64. Unlike the rest of her world's population, she was unharmed throughout the World B1Q64 incident, as she had been taken by the Tom Toms.

Despite having a degree of involvement in the World B1Q64 incident, she had little to no influence on any party involved until the incident's resolution with Blinx's defeat of the Chronohorn. She did provide resistance while captured, even kicking and knocking over Benito (and shocking those around her) during the Tom-Toms' transmission to the Time Factory before asking for help. Her plea during the transmission sparked Blinx's infatuation with her that resulted in his efforts to save World B1Q64. Her only appearances from that point onward were with Benito as he rode a Tom Tom bike through various locations in the world.

Before the final boss fight at Momentopolis, she, along with Benito and a few other Tom Toms, become trapped in a vortex of time crystals which materialize into said final boss. After Blinx defeats the final boss, he leaves the then-unconscious Lena on a bench in a location that appears to be the Deja-vu Canals and sadly returns to the Time Factory just as she awakens and tries to thank him. However, a cutscene after the credits reveals that Lena kept a few of the Time Crystals that Blinx had collected, of which she uses to reverse time back to when Blinx was about to leave. However, this time, she hugs and thanks him properly before he has a chance to leave, though she also wrote a letter detailing her gratitude as well.

Name Meaning

The name has evolved in different languages as a variation of several earlier names. In some derivations, Lena comes from the endings of Alina and Helena.


  • "Don't let them get away with this!"
  • "Please wait!"
  • "To my hero: I have in my possession the Time Crystals you collected. I will use the crystal for the most important thing of all. -Love, Princess Lena."
  • "Thank you."


  • It should have been impossible for Princess Lena to harness the power of time crystals (most likely Rewind crystals) in the first place without a sweeper.
    • Rewinding so much time to the point before Blinx is about to leave is a feat in itself.
  • A statue of her is found in MOTAS in the Sky World (World 4) when playing as a Time Sweeper.
  • There is concept art of Lena equipped with a pink pistol and a white sweeper with a strap that hangs over her torso.
    • This supports the idea of sweepers being attached to a Time Sweeper's jacket without the need of straps.


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