The Operator is an unnamed Time Sweeper who is responsible for monitoring the day-to-day activities of the Time Factory, as well as serving as a communication link between the CEO and all Time Sweepers and giving the player character help and information throughout their dispatches to each world. He is aided by countless other subordinates each maintaining their own world.


The Operator looks almost identical to a normal supervisor, wearing a long white coat, white pants and shoes. He has white fur and blue eyes. His signature item is a set of headphones he wears with the band sitting on the back of his head.


The Operator is a supervisor at the Time Factory that handles a number of tasks related to communicating with and dispatching Sweepers in other worlds. He works from the control room, in which he oversees the supervisors that each look over a world for glitches in time and monitor any sweepers present, issuing reactive time controls for their safety.

His involvement in the Big Crystal incident was primarily comprised of directing Sweepers to different worlds and spreading information on the whereabouts of Big Crystal fragments or events such as Chron's return with a tablet explaining the nature of the disaster. He also communicated with Sweepers directly during their missions, such as handling Chron's request for backup in Woodstone, which he denied on the grounds of needing Sweepers at the Time Factory to handle repairs.


  • “CEO! Time Energy is vanishing across the universe!”
  • “Roger that!”
  • “Attention all Time Sweeper personnel. A red alert has been issued for all Time Factory areas. Please follow your emergency instructions.”
  • “Gate open. Gate open. All personnel! Head towards the designated gate!”
  • “Time Sweepers! This is mission start!”
  • “Control here. Standard attacks don't work, you say? What the…?!
  • "Space-time scramble! Multiple objects from alternate dimensions will materialize nearby! Standby for shockwaves!”
  • “Incoming pirate transmission! I can't--
  • “Alert!! Tom Tom Gang infiltrating World Five-J-seven-A!! Unable to repair world's time flow. Mother computer disconnecting. Evacuate all personnel.”


  • Operator is voiced by Sam Riegel, the voice of Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003-2010).


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