Nino, leader of Team Eat Or Die, is a Tom Tom that aided the Tom Tom Gang during the Big Crystal incident. Though he didn't contribute to the gang's collection of Big Crystal fragments, he acquired information that contributed to the gang's limited understanding of the incident itself.


As is the case with many other Tom Toms, Nino has a strong appreciation of food, particularly meats, having named his team in accordance with this appreciation and almost always eating while sending transmissions. He often eats meats that appear to be variations of ham. Additionally, he refuses to be interrupted during “mealtime”, which may take place in other worlds while on missions.


Nino's earliest contribution to the Tom Tom Gang during the Big Crystal incident was searching for Big Crystal fragments in Destiny Ruins, although his team's efforts were unsuccessful. The team later encountered Team Blinx at the coliseum, prompting a transmission requesting backup that was fulfilled by the Tom Tom Protagonist, forcing Blinx's team to retreat.

Before returning to the Tom Tom HQ, however, Nino's team found a stone tablet that was taken as a souvenir for Cino's grandfather (according to cut content). Decoding the tablet revealed the existence of the Goddesses and their destruction of the universe when they feel that time is not appreciated (such as when the Big Crystal is destroyed).

He later travelled to the Time Oil Well World, in which he encountered time monsters with barriers and complained of being frightened. He opted to leave immediately, warning other Tom Toms of the danger.


  • “Mayday! Mayday! This is Nino… We're being overrun by Time Sweepers! Help!! Oh, no! That's Blinx!”
  • “We've been saved! The Sweepers have retreated! We found a strange stone tablet…. We'll bring it back as a souvenir…”
  • “This is Nino of Team Eat or Die with an emergency transmission! We have captured a Time Sweeper! He's saying something about 'an imminent disaster that will destroy the universe.’”
  • "Boss! The Sweepers are approaching the Pirates' Graveyard. What should we do?”
  • “AAAAAA! I've been attacked by a weird, green thing! I'm scared!”
  • “I'm at the Time Oil Well World, but I'm not staying! There are way too many monsters here!”​


  • Nino is likely based of the military medic from concept art.


Last updated on 26 Feb 2023