Mina, the daughter of the goddess that cuts time, is a divine being that played a significant role in the development and resolution of the Big Crystal incident.


Mina has the appearance of a human girl with long flowing white hair and a white dress. She wears no shoes.


Ancient legends inscribed in stone tablets state that Mina had been “born from the Eye of the Goddess” (Big Crystal) and sent to watch over the world and determine whether time was used wisely by its inhabitants. Should she report anything to the Goddesses that offends them, the threads of time would be cut, disrupting the time flow of the entire universe.

When the Tom Toms destroyed the Big Crystal, the Goddesses were quickly aware despite no apparent communication from Mina, resulting in their reaction as predicted by legend. Mina protested, though the Goddesses refused to refrain from destroying time, forcing her to guide the Time Sweepers and Tom Toms to prevent the universe's destruction instead.

Her appearance before the Time Sweepers was limited entirely to a single unidentifiable appearance on the monitors of the Time Factory control room, which succeeded in indirectly alerting the CEO of the Big Crystal having been broken. This led to the Time Sweepers' efforts to recover the Big Crystal throughout the rest of the incident. Her interactions with the Tom Toms were more numerous and involved, in which she pleaded with Benito in his dreams for the gathering of the Big Crystal fragments and provided small pieces of information, such as the dreams of those who have touched the Big Crystal becoming real. This convinced Benito to force the Tom Tom Gang to acquire the four Big Crystal fragments that the Time Sweepers did not, allowing for the entire crystal to be used to defeat the Scissor Demon in World A000. Following the Scissor Demon's defeat, the Big Crystal reformed with Mina appearing alongside it and then in front of Benito to offer her gratitude. The Goddesses expressed pleasure with her actions and stated that they would not destroy the world as originally intended as a result of her help.

Name Etymology

"Mina" is from 皆 (mina), meaning "all".


  • “Help! Is anybody there!?”
  • “My name is Mina. Can anybody hear me?!"
  • “Oh! So you can here me?!”
  • “Please hurry! You need to find all the Big Crystal fragments before they…”
  • “Please, Benito… gather the Big Crystal fragments…”
  • "Benito…… You were dreaming……The dreams of those who have touched the Big Crystal become real… please be careful.”
  • “The beginning of the world… Mother's scissors… eight fragments… the end of Time…Help me…”


Last updated on 26 Feb 2023